The Road to Germany: A New Journey


This video explains a bit of my own personal journey to answer the call to missions. Truth be told, the call to missions is a terrifying one. With recent events, the world is an increasingly dangerous place. And yet, I believe the risk is worth it. Bringing hope, joy and new life of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who need it is the most important thing I can do with my life. Using my skills and giftings in digital media and technology to accomplish this gives me all the more reason to take the risk.

I cannot emphasize¬†enough the challenges I face. We, as American Christians, don’t think of Europe as a mission field. We view art, creativity, film, and technology in the church as mere novelty. Yet at the same time, we complain that people are leaving the church and the power the media has over people. Europe is leading the world in secular thought, and a lot of that message is not only taught in schools, but also taught through TV, movies, the internet, music, and other forms of media. There is a real need for the presentation of the Gospel through story, art, film, digital media, and technology. This is not a mere novelty, but the tools we use to carry out the Great Commission.

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