The Road to Germany: Why Europe?

We think of Europe as a vacation destination, though I think we also see it as an increasingly dangerous place. We don’t think of Europe as a mission field.

However, only 2.5% of Europe is Evangelical Christian. For most, Christianity/CatholicismĀ is nothing more than tradition. They go to church on Christmas and Easter (not all that different than here in the US). Most people of Europe don’t even know who Jesus is.

Add the countless internationals who come to European countries to work or escape war, poverty, and death. Every nation is represented in Europe. We have an incredible opportunity to spread the hope of the Gospel to people who we may have never been able to reach in their home countries.

It’s easy to look at the world and feel powerless and hopeless. I know I do. However, I believe I have been called to help do something about it.

As a filmmaker, artist, and missionary I have the incredible opportunity to use my giftings in film and digital media to help create content that will not only help raise awareness for the need of the hope of Jesus Christ in Europe but also create films to reach both European nations and the international communities.

With that being said, the road ahead is a long and challenging one. It requires a team effort. Missions is a hard path to walk. I need people to partner with me in prayer. Not only that, but I need people to partner with me financially on a monthly basis.

By myself, I am unable to change the world. Together, however, as the Body of Christ together we can help transform lives across the world forĀ Jesus.

If you’d like to know more, contact me at

If you would like to donate, go to

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