Copy and Paste

copy-paste-2I have done a horrible job at blogging. I say this almost every time I try to get back into it after stepping away for long periods of time. I have been doing this for years. Sometimes its due to depression, lack of interest or motivation, or just nothing to say. The challenge I feel with returning is that what I do have to say doesn’t matter. My voice will get lost among the waves of the digital sea.

And who can blame me? No, seriously. Look at social media. Look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Or, if you are too lazy to do so, just do any random google search and see what I mean. It is full of people posting links, creating pages, or just out right ranting about something trying to get their voices heard. Whether it is politics, lifestyles, or beliefs, everyone has something to say. This blog is no different.

Personal example: A friend of mine has a website. A few friends actually. I had known some were working on one, others not so much. Some of them shared them, and one or two I had to hunt down. Welcome to digital communication. Truth be told, the websites looked nice. A lot of the posts on the sites look professional. It makes me want to improve my blogging game (which lets face it, I need to) . Yet the content was wholly unoriginal on some of them. This is not to say that they aren’t trying. I want them to be successful. With that being said, I could point to a dozen other websites that are saying the exact same thing. A lot of what I am seeing feels like it is a straight copy and paste of ideas.

This causes me to look at everything else around me. It has forced me to look at the messages we share with the world. What do we parrot? Meaning what do we repeat or repost without giving a second thought, or what do we say that we have heard from some other source a thousand times over? How much of what we say is just copying and pasting someone else’s ideas? I’m not just talking politics. I am talking culture. With how we look, what we need, the life we are told we “deserve”, what love is, what success is, what beauty is. The list continues on. If our digital voices made a sound, could they be heard or do they just fall into the background noise of the digital sea?

Any given moment I open up Facebook or Instagram, I am assaulted with various world views, opinions, lifestyles, images of beauty. So many things show what we want out of relationships, life, the government, work, etc. It seems that a lot of what is shared by people I know has had little thought behind it. It makes me wonder how such things shape us, or have shaped us. We begin to pass off someone else’s message as our own, sounding no different than than . We don’t even really think about what we are doing. We just do it. We follow the popular message without giving it a second thought to whether it is right or not. We post, we snap, we tweet, we blog, retweet, reblog, and we share and reshare these messages as if they are our own. We don’t add an original idea or thought to it. We don’t think of how these messages shape up, define us. We don’t think if they are right, or if we have the correct world view.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus commands his followers (ie us) to be “shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

How often are we (especially christians) duped by the messages being spread? How often do we copy and paste another’s ideas without thinking about them? How often do we throw around scripture without thinking about the actual context and meaning?

See what I did there?

In the end, it is up to the individual to discern what is truth and what is false. Its up to us to think about what it is that we believe, we share, we repeat to the world. And I mean really think about it. It is important to not parrot something so much that we begin to mistake the ideas as our own. More importantly is what we are saying worth saying, even if it is lost in the digital sea?

I desire to be my own individual. While there will always be some cultural influence (it cannot be escaped), I don’t want to repeat everything I hear as if it is truth. I want to think be able to think about it. I mean really think about it, and in the end decide for myself. I don’t want to follow the popular trends or opinions. These are always changing. As I attempt to blog regularly, I want to have content that is well thought out and that matters. This is incredibly difficult with a world of regurgitated thoughts and opinions being lost in the depths of the digital sea.


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